Thursday, May 09, 2013

We Were Promised Replicators - What Had Happened Was #12

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What Had Happened Was is a grumpyhawk collective podcast co-hosted by grumpyhawk (that would be me) and Benjamin Combs. In this "week-in-review style" show, we cover and comment on stories with a tech, science, weird, or strange sort of angle. Visit to see and hear more from the collective.

Hey everyone! Today we're discussing government monitored phone calls, Facebook limiting Path's API access, DRM-free E-books, 3D Printers, Injectable nanoparticles, and an update on America's Worst Superhero, Florida Man. All on today's episode.

Show Notes:

  1. Former FBI counterterrorism agent implies that US records all US phone calls
  2. Path texts my entire phonebook at 6am
  3. Facebook Blocks Path’s “Find Friends” Access Following Spam Controversy
  4. Tor Books says cutting DRM out of its e-books hasn’t hurt business
  5. Staples First Major U.S. Retailer to Announce Availability of 3D Printers
  6. Road Ready 3D Printed Car On The Way/
  7. Injectable nanoparticles maintain normal blood-sugar levels for up to 10 days
  8. Real-life stories of the world's worst superhero - Florida Man
  9. Relative of the aforementioned Florida Man - Florida Woman

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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