Friday, May 24, 2013

Tumblhoo! - What Had Happened Was #14

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What Had Happened Was is a grumpyhawk collective podcast co-hosted by grumpyhawk (that would be me) and Benjamin Combs. In this "week-in-review style" show, we cover and comment on stories with a tech, science, weird, or strange sort of angle. Visit to see and hear more from the collective.

Today grumpyhawk and Benjamin discuss the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo! and what that could mean for all the "not-family friendly"/NSFW blogs there, a failed attempt at DRM'ing the news, preemptive policing (think proto-Minority Report), Nintendo monetizing fanvids online, and interesting news in fast food, all on today's episode "Tumblhoo". Or should it be Tumhoo? Whatever.

Show Notes:

  1. Yahoo buy Tumblr
  2. The Tumblr of Wolven as mentioned by grumpyhawk
  3. Cops test drive preemptive policing
  4. Who owns a 'Luigi's Mansion' walkthrough video, the player or Nintendo?
  5. Nintendo claims ownership over gamer fanvids on YouTube
  6. KFC delivered to Gaza through tunnels
  7. McDonald worker has car stolen, car appears in her drive thru

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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