Monday, December 03, 2012

Internal Arts, now on

Internal Arts, a podcast / web video series will be running on Alterati over the next few months (possibly longer):
Internal Arts will be a series dealing with the creative process in its various guises: from meditative techniques to anecdotal material from independent artists. 
Whether you are a writer, musician, visual or film artist, or just want to learn a little about the ins- and outs- of the creative process from those who struggle to make a living at it, this show is for you. We will also often explore meditative and movement practices that might not necessarily seem connected with creativity or the arts at first glance. 
These are quite possibly more important than all the discussions we will be having about independent arts and media production, as they get us out of the 'the chair,' out of our heads, and back into our bodies. It is in and through our bodies, and nowhere else, that the true creative process begins. We are not brains in bottles. 
It's our hope that you will find these practices and conversations an indispensable part of your own practice.
If you would like to contribute to the show, contact James Curcio.

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[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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