Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Full Metal Orgasm and SEXPUNK

One of many possible outcroppings of both cyber-punk cyber-erotica and cyber--...(tenatacles?) is the indie-produced Full-Metal Orgasm. I wanted to point your direction that way, while opening up the stage to more varied discussion of genres and sub-genres around this area. I of course have no had my coffee, nor any FUCKING coffee at all because of this FUCKING holiday, and my dependence on the local indie cafes around here... so we can expect more typical write ups on here as per our usual... oh who the fuck am I kidding. Here's a bit about Full Metal Orgasm.

Full-Metal Orgasm is a sexy and intelligent adult fiction eMagazine for the digital age. Inspired by a multitude of media and figures such as Heavy Metal magazine, Shirow Masamune, ReiQ, Penthouse Comix, Jun Tsukasa, Demitys, Toshio Maeda, Jin-roh, Pop Chaser and Robot Sex Life, it encapsulates the best of otherworldly sex. From stories featuring gynoids to tentacles, transhumans and aliens alike, FMO calls upon new and veteran writers, artists and other creatives to spawn new worlds and sexual fantasies without boundaries -- all downloadable to your favorite device in DRM-free PDF and mobi formats. Available on the Kindle, and for direct sale from the publisher. More information at http://sexpunk.tumblr.com or search online for Full-Metal Orgasm.

"The nature of modern life is obsession..."

Here are a few more if that does it for you:

How does this relate to mythology? I refer you to our mission statement. Thanks for all the fish.

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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