Saturday, May 19, 2012

Writing For You

On a lark I thought some people might like it if I chose which of the Mythos ebooks to send them. So at some ungodly hour I posted on Facebook:
Alright, bitches. Look. Got like 8 counterculture books here that aren't going to read themselves. Think of them as quasi-informational drugs that they probably won't put you away for owning.

The deal: if you paypal me $2+ I will pick which book to send you.

jamescurcio at gmail is the account to paypal, and do alert me here or otherwherez cause paypal doesn't always actually email me.

I can promise with absolute assurance that it is better than a starbucks latte. Though obviously they have you more addicted.
To my surprise, it turns out that some people would rather I make the decision of which of our books to read. Weird. I guess more choices are not always better. So, instead of making it a one day offer as I previously planned, I will continue to do so until the end of the month.

Donate $2 or more (see above)

And get a book.

Please include your preferred format (PDF, mobi, epub), and either some of your favorite books, or something completely random and unrelated to books.

Look. I was a child once. People that were once children should be given money via Paypal.

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