Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Lineup 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, I'm going to be taking a break on posting on Modern Mythology until the new year. But don't fret, there are many projects from last year for you to check out, and many new ones in the works.

Here is some of what we've produced in 2011... please consider picking some of these up and supporting independently produced media. 

Apocalyptic Imaginary: Best of Modern Mythology 2011

This book captures and expands upon the unique commentary and analysis that has helped define the Modern Mythology project in 2011. Through the voices of many contributors, we collectively take a hard look at the blurred lines between narrative and truth, philosophy and literature, personal history and cultural memory. All of this is done with an eye towards the imagined apocalypse that is always just around the corner.

Join in the discussion, and leave your cultural blinders at home.

Final book January 2012.

Fallen Nation: Party At The World's End

[6" x 9" paperback $16.95]
eBook [multiple formats] $2.99

Fallen Nation: Party At The World’s End is a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with a group of young, escaped mental patients that come to realize – or believe – that they are demigods. They form Babylon, a band that captures the spirit of the age as sex, drugs, and chaos reign in the final years of the American Empire. Also a great novel for your teenage kids if they're smart and you want to set them on a life of philosophy, debauchery, and petty larceny.

The Immanence of Myth

[A4 paperback: Weaponized / Amazon US / Amazon UK

Myth's central importance does not end with our art or religions. It is not solely a dusty world of broken clay pots and tablets written in dead languages. Our myths determine how we engage with the world, how we enter into it. How we treat ourselves and one another. Far from being archaic relics of the past, myths will determine our future. Even if we are unaware of them, they will continue to affect us.

This book explores the subject of immanent myth from many angles, through articles, essays, and interviews from a variety of people actively engaged in mythic work and research. We must invent our myths—or re-invent them—ourselves. If you haven't already, take this as a wake-up call to join in and become a myth-maker of the 21st century.


[6" x9" Paperback.]

More than a script, Citizen Y is a blueprint of a ritual experience. It is a demonstration of how you can create an immersive, transformative experience for an audience that goes beyond passive entertainment. Parodying our fixation on spoon-fed media, it transports the reader into a post-apocalyptic reality show where the grand prize is the future itself.
Citizen Y fuses characters from James Curcio’s Fallen Nation books and John Harrigan’s GraveLand myth into a unique hybrid narrative. Both writers have decades of experience producing mythic, occult experiences that transcend the boundaries of media, audience and stage. The book also stands as an example of modern myth as discussed in The Immanence of Myth Anthology.
This release by Weaponized includes concept artwork by James CurcioDaniele Serra, and P. Emerson Williams. Edited by Lucy Harrigan, it is published by Weaponized in print through major retailers and in eBook format from April 2011.

HoodooEngine transports you through a dystopian Sci-fi tour of industrial strength metal and hardcore crunktronica. Tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theories and occult symbolism abound. 
Murder The World is their second album-length release.

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Bradley The Buyer

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"All music, engineering, recording and vocals performed by Bradley the Buyer, except where otherwise noted.
Extra special thanks to Johan Ess, James Curcio, Hoodoo Engine, Wes Unruh, Aron Price, Black Sun, Catface, and any and all artists who have worked with me in the past and still haven't rubbed my name out of their rolodex due to GROSSLY exaggerated claims of insanity."


In the beginning of 2011 we wrapped shooting for the episodes of season 1. We have been working since then on cutting a feature-length movie, "Clark." Look for it in 2012!

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