Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Apocalyptic Imaginary: Early Edition Available

This book captures and expands upon the unique commentary and analysis that has helped define the Modern Mythology project in 2011. Through the voices of many contributors, we collectively take a hard look at the blurred lines between narrative and truth, philosophy and literature, personal history and cultural memory. All of this is done with an eye towards the imagined apocalypse that is always just around the corner.

This is the $.99 early edition, meaning that there will be one more editorial pass before the final version which will be released in print. (To be performed by Michael Tesney of Driftwork.)

This early edition contains all the final content that the final book has, but will almost certainly have typos. If they light your hair on fire, feel free to report them.  

First edition in print ($18) and kindle ($2.99) formats Jan 2012.

A sample is available:

Apocalyptic Imaginary: The Best of Modern Mythology 2011 (Sample)

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