Monday, October 03, 2011

Fundraiser for 2012

A new perk has been added - for just a $1 donation, you will receive an eBook copy of Fallen Nation: Party At The World's End (cheaper than the regular eBook price of $2.99.)

More about the campaign:

Modern Mythology is seeking to crowdsource funding through IndieGoGo in order to keep publishing thought-provoking pieces on pop culture philosophy and social commentary, and to keep expanding our audience. There are tons of old, dead philosophers with books enshrined in the academic sphere. Modern Mythology takes a hammer and chisel to the "ivory tower" idea of academic research--the pantheon of philosophers of the past--and carves the voices of the new generation, sublime and ridiculous, into the side of that shrine, half graffiti, half sculpture, half literature, half philosophy, but in all cases necessary in order to truly explore the worlds we live in.

Help us keep this literary and mental machine going by contributing and get some perks as a thank you!
[Check out some of the books, albums, and soon movies produced by Mythos Media and our various media partners.]

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