Saturday, November 27, 2010

Re-confirming Expectations

Man "Hey. ... That dress looks really good with your hair color."

Woman "OK, I've heard that a million times. Don't bother. I'm not interested."

Man "Hey. Alright, that's fine. It's just funny, for years I've been a really introverted person. I thought to myself- maybe I should just talk to people more. And I played conversations with strangers out in my head a million ways. All of them were either boring or left both parties with a thin patina of shame. So, I figured there was no point in talking with strangers. You re-confirmed my assumptions."

Woman "No, I'm sorry, I didn't--"

Man "--You can't walk it back now. Say we get along great. Exchange information. Flirt online and on the phone for a couple weeks. Do the entire expected courtship. Fall in love. A year later I'm wondering to myself, 'what if she's just talked to me out of pity?' Then the whole relationship is based on you feeling sorry for me."

Woman "Catch 22."

Man "Yeah."

Woman "Well...Nice meeting you?"

Man "None of that's true by the way. I just thought it was a pretty dress. I'm gay."

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