Thursday, November 18, 2010

Murder The World: Sneak Peeks of the New Album

I've mostly been keeping posts about HoodooEngine on the site dedicated to that project to keep the feeds clean, but wanted to share a bit of what we've been up to. I figure you've had like eight rambling posts on philosophy, science and myth so a little music might be wanted. 
Two tracks in progress for our upcoming album. No release date planned yet. We've still got work to do though all the tracks on the album are in some degree of progress. The album cover mockup you see before is from before we changed the album title to "Murder The World." But you get the idea. Cthulian nightmares and tons of eros / thanatos imagery.

ControlFreak - early demo by agent139

Nothing Is Sacred- pre mix/master/vocals by agent139
Some other earlier mixes of Murder The World tracks can be found in the completely over-the-top podcast we ran with Alterati. We are working on bringing more electronic elements - and of course vocals - as we make this material a part of the HoodooEngine machine.

Dig it? Check out our last release, EgoWhore.

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