Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HoodooEngine Steaming Ahead

We've launched

"HoodooEngine is a ghastly noise machine, incessantly bearing down on its passengers with locomotive force—powered by the steam of your sweat and hellbent on mutual annihilation."

EgoWhore is now officially released, available in our store as CD, direct download, and soon through major digital distro sources such as iTunes, emusic, Napster, Amazon MP3, etc. (There's a small snafu with the Bandcamp page and track listing. We're trying to get that fixed.)

I'll be keeping the HoodooEngine news slight on this blog from here on out, aside from album releases and so on- moving the rest over to the official site. Sign up, enjoy the music.

If you're press, DJ, a promoter, or so on, please get in touch.

We're going to keep on promoting this album, and working on our second album. Meanwhile, I've got the Immanence of Myth and two novels to get on.... Anyone want to send loose women or amphetamines? I'm clearly going to need them. (And if you are a loose woman bearing it, all the better. Or less loose women bearing tequila cause, I don't know about you, but personally, a bottle of good tequila is usually all it takes to...) Yeah. Enjoy the music.
EDIT: Here's the next album!

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