Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alterati GSpot: James Curcio talks to Clark Williams

Special guest host James Curcio talks to Clark Williams about everything from tabla to tantra and all points in between.


Over the course of the Immanence of Myth project, Jamie Lee (James Curcio) has had many conversations with mythic artists, intellectuals and professors, and outright mutants who in Hunter’s words are “too weird to live and too rare to die.” Most of these are being written or transcribed in part for the book. This special episode of the G Spot is one of these conversations, in full.

frater william clark

With a Doctorate in the Hyperdynamism of Sacred Geometries from the College of Aethyric Sciences, Clark Williams could be said to be a little of the three. We discuss his experiences in India learning tabla and eventually falling in with a bunch of Aghoris, tantra in its various forms – from black magic to candle-lit sex, Kali worship, Hinduism, Bengali folk music, the razors edge between insanity and creativity, and the slippery slope of gurus and occultism.


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