Friday, January 08, 2010

Special GSpot Interlude: Nothing Is Sacred – MTW in the studio

Special GSpot Interlude: Nothing Is Sacred – MTW in the studio (download)

James Curcio takes over for an episode and brings you into the studio with MTW for 30 minutes of hilarious obscenities.
MTW, Inc is a musical jihad against corporate thoughtforms. We’ll use their tools against them, and drink tequila as the old guard crumbles and topples from its own weight.
We are currently in the studio preparing a completely overwhelming sensory experience: our first album, Nothing Is Sacred. This is a taxing process that involves copious amounts of drugs and self-abuse, so bear with us and check out the album when it’s released if we don’t all OD on cough syrup and fermented yak semen, or invoke a wrathful demon that replaces all of our bodily fluids with nutella.
(Thankfully we got most of our drummer’s material before he left this Earth. RIP Thor Thorsson, you weren’t good for much else, but you sure could play them drums.)
Music in this episode by Marz233, Scott Landes, James Curcio, Iron Will. Additional music by Gordon Bash and Nate Sampsel.

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