Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lives of Ilya Episode 3

Lives of Ilya“Melisande? I’ve never heard that name before,” he said truthfully as he bit into a butter cookie.
“It’s French,” she said turning around and sitting back down. She looked passed him for a moment remembering how the name had rolled off Lux’s tongue.

Melisande, my little honeybee…

It was important to live under false pretense in those days. A name could be a death sentence and Lux had crowned her thus…Melisande. It was a good memory; those few years of peace before it all erupted in a bloodbath. She could still see his flaxen hair, his black eyes and that devilish grin as he leaned in to kiss her again.

Lives of Ilya was written by Tara Vanflower and narrated by Jarboe. Soundtrack music by Tara Vanflower.

The Lives of Ilya illustrated novel is available now from Mythos Media and Amazon.com.

Listen to part 3

Part 2

Part 1

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