Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Reality is being devoured by a surreal nightmare.

The Fiction has arrived.

Immerse yourself in the immense, interconnected story manifested by FoolishPeople and over 30 visionaries and artists working together
from across the world within the unique landscape of Amsterdam's NDSM-werf.

Follow living characters, absorb live transmissions from the other side of the planet, and discover the secrets, which each hold a fragment of the Terra: Extremitas myth.

The surreal and beautiful experience of exploring humanity’s last day on earth.

My Bio: (to go up w/ TE event.)

Ever since an acid trip in 1995 that James Curcio arguably never quite returned from, he has been dedicated (some might say obsessed) with the production of modern myths. These have taken the form of collaborative novels (Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning in 2007, Join My Cult! in 2004), essays on myth and culture (The Immanence of Myth, presently in development, “Living The Myth,” Generation Hex 2004, “Hillbilly Tantra” in Magic On The Edge in 2005, and “Dying Gods” in Lemon Puppy, in 2003), Internet "round-table" musical albums,(subQtaneous: Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation in 2005, Babalon's Descent in 2001 and posthumous Dreams And Reflections in 2005), and various unorthodox podcast and audiobook series. He has co-founded quite a few independent artist groups and recording studios, and is presently a co-founder of Mythos Media, and editor of Curcio will present an unwholesome multi-media mindfuck at Terra Extremitas which will leave his audience forever changed- or dizzy, nauseous and psychologically broken, if the “Program” does not take.

About what he does:

“I really don't know how to provide a top-down or general summary of 'what I do.' It isn't simple evasiveness, but rather because it is a relative unknown. All I know is that when you begin practicing an instrument, or painting, or doing virtually anything, you are conscious of every action, of every misstep. As you continue to work, and the years pass, you become less and less conscious of each of those discrete actions. This is why so many teachers stress the fundamentals, because those building blocks, or personal cliches, slip out of your conscious sphere and become increasingly difficult to re-configure. By the time you reach the point that the work becomes what you are, and you serve as a conduit for it, you are completely in the dark about the truly relevant actions you take to bring it about. What is my process? Do what you do, and put everything you possibly can into it. Sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed, and don't hesitate to cannibalize your most private experiences in the process. Cast it into the world as if you were throwing it into the trash can. And start over again, because chances are, you can do better.”

About Terra Extremitas:

“In many ways the United States are inhospitable to artists. This isn't to say that the case is otherwise elsewhere, but most of my life experience comes from living here. At the extreme, I think there is an underlying, subconscious belief in many people that true commitment to art and creativity is a cultural crime. In my opinion, Terra Extremitas brings that belief to the forefront, it embodies it as a form of revolt on our part, and mixes it with the now ubiquitous myth of the apocalypse. In a fit of incoherent caffeination I said that my last novel (Fallen Nation) was a cultural apocalypse. Now I know what the hell I was talking about- and can thank the Foolish People for it.”

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