Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Auguring The Technocalypse

FP announced my upcoming participation in their Terra:Extremitas event in Amsterdam in August. Guess I'd better get to work on that script...

About 'Terra:Extremitas':
"In many ways the United States are inhospitable to artists. This isn't to say that the case is otherwise elsewhere, but most of my life experience comes from living here. At the extreme, I think there is an underlying, subconscious belief in many people that true commitment to art and creativity is a cultural crime. In my opinion, 'Terra: Extremitas' brings that belief to the forefront, it embodies it as a form of revolt on our part, and mixes it with the now ubiquitous myth of the apocalypse. In a fit of incoherent caffeination I said that my last novel (Fallen Nation) was a cultural apocalypse. Now I know what the hell I was talking about- and can thank the FoolishPeople for it."

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