Friday, November 23, 2007

The Gspot Episode 18

G-Spot Episode 18

James Curcio
gives us another podcast episode of
Postgenre Blues, this time talking about inadequate copyright laws, the media war, remixes and a Microsoft takedown notice sent to the crew.

Wes Unruh gives us a talking to about DIY television, the struggle against media monopoly, and converses on the subject with Freeman.

Joseph Matheny brings us another mini episode of the resurrected Gpod, digging in the archives with the Chicago
Underground Industrial Tape Scene.

And Jason Lubyk reads, channels aliens and fucks with your mind.



Also On Alterati:

A Conversation With Adam Gorightly - Jason Lubyk

In the first of this two part conversation with writer Adam Gorightly - author of The Prankster and the Conspiracy and Death Cults among other books - Jason talks with Adam about his trip to Conspiracy Convention 7, potential government infiltration of
conspiracy and paranormal groups and the curious life and origins of James Shelby Downard.

Unquiet Mind - Wes Unruh.

This is a continuation of a series he started three years ago.

The Reruns of Brisco County, jr. - Wes Unruh.

Gunslinger television show starring Bruce Campbell involving science fiction themes. With ongoing plot lines like a time-traveling madman bent on world domination and a mysterious orb that bestows superhuman powers, this show was much more than a flashy update of the Wild Wild West.

Ripple #6 - Ray Carney.

Ray Carney and Ari interview Alexis Marshall of Daughters about their album Hell Songs and touring across fucking Europe.


William S. Burroughs Nike Commercial.

The Three Trials.

Problems with Professor 105.


Richard M. Stallman gives a speech about copyright issues.

The Free Voice of Labour: The Jewish Anarchists.

2012 Timewave zero software - Terrence Mckenna and Peter Meyer.

Hunter S Thompson - Audio Books and Lectures.

Xenakis, Iannis (1922-2001)

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