Friday, October 12, 2007

Update from the trenches.

This'll be the third night in a row that I've worked till after 5am (almost 6 now) on editing Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning.

I'm sending out the final chapters this weekend for punctuation grammar type copy editing (round 2), and then to Tovarich for re-layout.

Then... it's off to the printer/distributor. Amazon may not pick it up for a couple weeks after that.

My back is killing me, and my eyes feel like they're about ready to strike. But I've fixed so many of the flow problems I was having with the first edition, it almost seems a fair trade. (I just hope that any new typos that may have popped up will be caught in copyediting so I can move on and never have to re-visit production on this project. I'm growing to love the book, but it's time to move on.)

1 comment:

  1. Well I'm just happy you wrote a real blog post!
    At least we did have that whole day or two of almost non-stop sleep. I want to come back and bug you guys and cuddle some more. That's socializing, right? At least you live with a few people and have a girlfriend, I don't think you will end up in a hole writing and dying because you are too interesting for that. ;)



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