Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hobo high fashion

So I've been beset with some pretty horrific allergies lately. As a result, I've taken to my old habit of wearing pajamas all the time.

However, apparently my new pajamas are high fashion to the homeless people in the city. Last night as I walked about five blocks, I was approached by three different homeless crazy women, saying things such as:

"Oooooh! I love your pants!"

"My you look fabulous tonight!"


Apparently I know my market.

In other non-news, Fallen Nation 2nd edition is presently backed up on other people's desks. It may be a little while yet before it's out, and I am certainly chomping at the bit, in part because I'm getting happy with how it has shaped up in the last editorial run. I'm ready to bring it down the mountain.


  1. LOL Your playboy PJs are pretty hot.

  2. thanks. believe it or not the first time i wore them was when we opened up for front 242.

    these were flannel. i'm not sure they would've dug those as much.



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