Monday, July 30, 2007

Comic Con

There will likely be much Comic Con related stuff running on Alterati in coming weeks, including some video and audio footage of Warren Ellis being truly... well. Warren. Cranky and absolutely hilarious. (From what he said to me the next day, he has no recollection of the night before. Maybe the video will jog his memory, if the scotch I gave him doesn't- state dependent memory and all that). There will be many potential interview and review subjects for Alterati as well, including David Mack... whose work is absolutely amazing. It's just icing on the cake that he's a really nice guy. Neil was also, as I expected, kind, incredibly focused despite a truly ridiculous schedule, and he managed to cram quite a lot of useful advice for us regarding Episode 1 of Fas Ferox into a 20 minute meeting. Once again, this will be "the last convention of this type he ever does." We'll see if that holds, or if Paramount puts a gun to his head. Hopefully right now he's drinking a lot of honey and tea and not speaking at all.

Right now, however, I'm sitting in LAX. The elevator music is driving me slowly insane. They pushed our plane back 3 hours, which makes our connecting flight impossible... So I'm going to be in and out of airports for almost 24 hours. The flight out here wasn't much better. (Example: we wound up in Cleveland for 4 hours when we were supposed to be in Houston for 2.) It's been a very hectic couple of days, slightly stressful, incredibly expensive, but still fairly enjoyable. I hope people who got them enjoy the free CDs and comics we gave away...

That's enough for now. I need to move before this musak makes me do horrible things I'll regret later. Wish me luck- I'll arrive in Philadelphia full of airplane filth, exhausted, hungry, undersexed, and probably in desperate need of a rack to get stretched out on- but, God or better luck willing, I will indeed eventually arrive there.

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