Monday, November 18, 2013

Thor and More (*rimshot*) - What Had Happened Was #36 - a grumpyhawk collective production

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by Susan M Omand, Omand Original, All Rights Reserved

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What Had Happened Was is a grumpyhawk collective podcast co-hosted by grumpyhawk (that would be me) and Benjamin Combs. In this "week-in-review style" show, we cover and comment on stories with a tech, science, weird, or strange sort of angle. Visit to see and hear more from the collective. 

On today's episode of What Had Happened Was, grumpyhawk and Benjamin Combs discuss the Marvel Universe, Thor, Captain America, and the new Marvel Netflix joint venture, Xbox One needing a day one patch, War of the Worlds wasn't quite the pandemic it has been trumped up to be, a House Intelligence Chair who lacks intelligence, and Blockbuster es no más. All on today's episode "Thor and More."

Show Notes:

  1. Marvel creating four superhero shows exclusively for Netflix, premiering in 2015
  2. Xbox One won’t play games out of the box, requires day-one patch
  3. The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic
  4. "You Can't Have Your Privacy Violated if You Don't Know Your Privacy Is Violated"
  5. Blockbuster ending all in-store movie rentals on Saturday, November 9th

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