Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ultraculture: The Apocalypse Is CANCELLED

From Jason Louv: 

Today I’m proud to announce a new ebook, The Apocalypse is Cancelled: Three Keys to Surviving and Thriving as a Species.

The book is a comprehensive vision of the future. It hands you the keys to:
  1. Achieve freedom through meditation
  2. Make sure Western civilization doesn’t crash and burn
  3. Embrace space travel for fun and profit

Consider it the Ultraculture manifesto. And to make sure the information spreads, I’m giving it away for free.

“I believe that life can work, and that life can be an adventure. And I want a participatory dialogue on how to get there. I want a comprehensive vision of the future for a generation that’s rejecting the unethical and unsustainable dreams of 20th century hypercapitalism, and looking to create a lifestyle that brings happiness instead of self-destruction.”
Let's bring what we've discussed on this site to bear here for just a moment.

As myths go, I think what Jason presents here is very much worth your consideration. That is why I am running it.

As part of that consideration, remember that in purest form, myths are neither true nor untrue. They are the narrative structures that we live by. We might say they have a certain truth, in the effect that they render on our lives. In other words, myths can be beneficial or not. And they can be based on truth or falsehoods. This does not mean that they are in themselves false or true, or beneficial or detrimental, as they may perform differently in different nervous systems just like any other psycho-active substance.

So cut out a couple lines, and let her rip. Give it time to permeate your bloodstream, to punch past that blood-brain barrier.

Get back to us about it.

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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