Friday, January 25, 2013

Eccentric Promotional Assistant(s) Wanted

THE A.D.D. VERSION: We are looking for a promotional assistant (or several, if there are several incredible prospects) for our network of indie / counterculture art sites. This is an opportunity to learn about web and media promotions and get personally involved in the process on a daily basis. 


The Network: is a group blog that has existed since 2005 covering editorial, product reviews, artist creative and popular lunatic interviews, and philosophical rants. It was founded by transmedia artist James Curcio, but includes a growing team of contributors. Our traffic has ranged from 500 to 20,000 unique visits a day, and we are looking to step that back up again in 2013-2014. All of these are tied into the concept that we live inside narrative, and that fiction is real.

The goal this year is to increase that traffic by diversifying inbound links on websites and social media. is an artist collective, a brand that has existed since 2006, releasing independently produced books, comics, graphic novels, illustrated books, albums, audiobooks, and we have collaborated on theatrical and film projects. We are much more selective about projects that we bring over to this site.

The goal this year is to increase sales through this site, or at least increase the exposure to the projects already here, and new projects that we bring in. That means press and physical events/conventions.

We have a creative partnership with, which is a gonzo comedy / drama group. Some of the promotion we do may be for them as well. That's still unclear.

You will be helping us grow these projects online and off, and your benefits will vary depending on your involvement, skills, and how much they grow in the next year or two.

The overall mission is simple: we are all very passionate about our work so the goal is to convey that through the work and our press. It is also to find others who are similarly passionate about their indie media work, and network with them.

So think of us kind of like the borg. Except good. And also not at all like the borg.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

Online promotion-- Buzz. Finding magazines, blogs, podcasts, art events, conventions and the like that are a fit for promoting Mythos Media projects/media. Building a list of these, and keeping the list updated on where the conversation is with each - which are submitted, which declined, which are in progress, and so on. Interviews and product reviews are ideal because they are free promotion. Even a mediocre product review is better than no buzz at all.

Talent. Finding artists, writers, and other talent that is a good fit for interviews. Finding cool movies, books, or events that are worth reviewing and passing it to our editorial / writers if you don't want to cover it yourself. If you are interested in conducting interviews both for podcast and written format, and show a talent for it, that can be a possibility for some of them- it flows especially naturally if it's an interview that you line up. However, we can also source interviews ourselves if it is not. Similarly, finding more writers interested in being a part of the team for Modern Mythology. We are considerably more picky about projects we put our brand on for Mythos Media, though we are looking for talented writers and podcasters for Modern Mythology as well. Similarly, if you feel a desire to write for Modern Mythology, you are welcome to join the team.

Event promotion-- Presence. Being present at art shows, conventions and the like. This can actually be incredibly fun so long as you know how to mix business and pleasure, which is really the primary talent for the live part of this. If you're the type of person that hates being at events, it will be conveyed. The same is true if you love it.

How would I begin? Your first step would be to be familiarizing yourself with our media, content, and message. In the process, think about ways to accomplish the goals above. 


  • An intuitive sense of people, especially when we are working an art show or event. 
  • General ability with blogging platforms: blogger and wordpress. At least basic HTML. 
  • General ability with open office and excel for the purpose of maintaining or editing press releases along with us, building lists of press to contact, and so on. 
  • Experience with copy-editing or any form of digital media production always a plus, and we can probably help you learn more about these things if they are a part of your passion, but they are not a must. 
  • A passion for the arts and independent media. That's not really a skill, but without that, it will probably not be exciting for you. That's important. 


  • This begins as an unpaid but hands on apprenticeship/internship with an arts collective, but that can change if your involvement allows it to. 
  • You will get ARC's and access to all the media we produce. 
  • As we continue to grow you will be able to go to the conventions, festivals and other events that we are involved in. This will likely include the opportunity to interview your favorite artists at other tables if you'd like to. It will include your door expenses and being able to be at the table - and help us run the table - though if the event is non-local it will not initially include airfare, etc. (This will definitely change if you help us step up our sales and media profile.) 
  • We expect that students or recent ex-students are most likely to be in the place for this, but that's no requirement if you aren't looking for media course credit. If you are looking for credit, that has been arranged in the past. 
  • This is a particularly good fit for someone looking to create a position where they can leverage the promotion of their own creative projects as well -- so long as that isn't the only thing you are doing.

The bottom line: We are looking to re-energize this operation and make it profitable again. If you are a part of that, you will be a part of the team. We are looking for someone that sees the opportunity that this provides. If you look at it as a "job," then it's not going to work out. You will get hands-on teaching from people that have been training and working as artists and media professionals for over a decade each, but nevertheless still need to be able to be, forgive the cliche, a "self starter." If we have to do everything by hand ourselves then we might as well continue to do so. Because of the fact that this isn't starting as a paid job, it is also a low time demand to begin with. Expect to put in 5-10 hours a week to start, though if you get excited or things really take off there's no limit on that.  

This is something that requires a marathon runner's constitution, not a sprinter. One quick burst and then silence won't do it. This is why we are talking in terms of 2 year goals.

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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