Monday, October 29, 2012

Calming The Storm

Full Moon / October 29th, 2012 / 6 degrees Taurus

"We look after nature, and we mamos see that you are killing it by what you do. We can no longer repair the world. You must. You are uprooting the earth, and we are divining to discover how to teach you to stop." -Kogi Tribe

Warning after warning, it matters not. We continue to thrive amongst our sins and spoils--truthfully so--as if our rotten deeds secured us a sacred place among the stars. And here, the illuminations given precursor a dire reality--one that has been foretold, time and time again, dutifully ignored.

Mercury speeds into the focused and impassioned Sagittarius, emerging from the depths of the great Void. He has learned much in the mystic throes of the weaponized Eagle, and returns with dark and sunken eyes.

As his vision returns, and strength fastens, the Messenger is struck by massive waves, the Ocean, at once, seemingly challenging the young god's discourse. An erupting, violent force, the storm, led by a ferocious Neptune, chastises him: "You have been beyond my reach, boy, for far too long!" 

The Winged One is smart, however. He swirls within the coming rain, and wind, and fog, dancing throughout the onslaught, the sharpness of his newly-breached sign granting him concentration to further on.

"I have come bearing gifts," he cries out, consumed by the glaring Neptune's eyes, piercing him through the clouds. "The truth is what you seek!"

"It is too late for truth," Neptune replies. "My waters are angry. My waters are cold. They seethe for justice."

"Then, allow me to deliver it," Mercury states. "They shall have it. I will direct your anger, like lightning, through the children of Earth. Send them a message, perhaps."

The storm seems to subside momentarily, as the angered, emotional Ocean God grasps his mighty trident and lunges it at Mercury, where it lands at his feet. "So be it."

As the Messenger and the Dreaming Harbinger delve into our reality, Mercury, for once, tames the great Neptune, who surges and wretches from within.

"It's just his time of the month, right?" Mercury chides to his brother Mars, the warrior having been called to assist. 

"I feel it is yet another warning," Mars replies. "Soon there will be no leash upon the Great Leviathan, and his rage will be tenfold. For now, we remain steadfast and strong, and hope this brief insight is enough. What of the Conductor and the Death Lord? What messages do you bring from the Void?"

"Ah, they remain at standstill. I have heard whispers of wars beyond dimensions, though I may have only caught a shimmer, or two, of what mysteries they unfold. It seems that they have laid down their arms, if only for a moment. Neptune's storms will subside, eventually, and the matter of life will continue. The damage will be less than unhinging."

"For now," the Warrior replies.

"For now," the Winged One repeats.

And yet, it is the Earth who is at war. The Moon rests in Taurus, charged with Pluto's destructive criticism. Our Sun, as well, tiptoeing through Scorpio, takes council with the cold, icy planet. The three remain in secret slumber, reflecting peacefully amidst the raw power that will eventually crumble our consciousness. 

Bodies begin to change. Those on Earth that remain silent, and still, in quiet meditation, notice them first. Wings sprout from the arches of the back. Some white, some black, some gloriously colored. Soon, everyone comes to know themselves in a different way.

Those who can bravely soar through the storm, up and above the heavens, and wait peacefully among the stars.

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