Saturday, September 22, 2012

Diviner of Death/Rebirth: The 2nd Pluto/Uranus Square

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.

-Herman Hesse

The wounded dervish spills forth sunlight from the cracks in his skull; an illumined teaching follows the maddened philosopher. Those closest hear his subtle screams, granting themselves a glimpse into the changes to come:

The Young Jackal communes with Osiris, the Lord of the Underworld, newly appointed to assist the great transformations of our time. The portal has been opened, intentions fleeing from wandering souls as seeds in the wind. 

"The paradigm has shifted," the Lord proclaims. "I may not be who you remember, but I am the same destructive vessel."

With that, he plunges his scepter--the Diviner of Death--into the crippled earth, and the ground cracks open as lightning reaches across the sky. Thousands of dead souls wait for his bidding.

As the earth shifts, a chasm forms, and two sides stand at the precipice, their battle to ensue the fate of the dimensional worlds. The Dark Mother, ever hidden and mysterious, sends her children to the Diviner, demons writhing to answer the call to arms, worthy assists in the deconstruction of prolonged reality.

The veiled empress, Nephthys, blooming forth as a milky-white lotus--emerging from the womb of mothers, harbinger of oceans--stands not far from her royal brethren, at odds with an orphaned animal, Absolus. He waits at the square, his mind poised, split in half at the advent of change, ready to oppose, challenge, and deploy constraint. The beast cannot be reasoned with.

On Earth, we busy ourselves with restrictions of the mind, law, and power. Elected officials--

"Hold," Saturn boldly warn as a jolting storm clouds the vision, streaming from an opened Vortex. His voice resonates across the galaxy as an expansive om, reminding us to listen, and when it is to keep silent.

Yet again: the Wounded Healer spills light from crevices atop his head; a sharp education comes forth from the wizened teacher. Nearby, we hear faint cries, giving all the grasp to understand.

The crippled centaur takes council with Pluto, Ruler of the Great Void, the long watcher of our struggling efforts to heal and evolve. The portals opened, all worlds reverberate with one another, answering the great call of alignment.

"Something has shifted," Pluto remarks. "The perspective has changed. Old is new, and the Earth strives for regeneration."

At once, he raises his rod--the Diviner of Rebirth--toward the rippling sky, and lightning erupts from the apex as the ground trembles in response. Heralding from the higher dimensions, thousands of spirits wait for his instruction.

The sky is charged with purpose, and two halves stand on either precipice, the onslaught to determine the faith of the dimensional worlds. The Ill Witch, demanding and outspoken, writhes as her children cling to the Diviner, purging their ghastly souls from further torment, charging the rod with raw power. Their unworldly existence heeds to the necessity of balance.

The Sleeping Giant, Neptune, rising from churning waves--floating forward from the waters of Life, the arbiter of Creation--stands nearby his destined brother, locked in gaze with the lost practitioner, Absolus. They wait at the square, ever deliberate to conquer the other with war-torn methods, buried by destruction. The generals are unmatched in clarity.

On Earth, we seek through the mystic. As the worlds shift into balance, primal symbiotic selves yearn for egoic sustenance, and beg for what is normal, healthy, and stable.

"You have little of my Borrowed Time," Saturn states, knowing that he too will soon be sucked into the swirling Vortex of All-Worlds. "Once I enter the Great Void, and take upon my brother's armor, it will be through the inner worlds that you receive my foundation."

The ecliptics call eternal alignment with Earth's vibrational fields, and the Sacred Mirror approaches Pluto's grasp. "Allow my forces to rebuild your world," he professes. "My shadows precede the light, exposing that which will take shape. Take shelter within the coming darkness, and you will be born anew.

The Diviner of Death/Rebirth reaches completion, amassing eternal cycles unknown even to ancient stars, acclimating the charged flames of an activated Uranus--the uncompromising shatterer of boundaries--to destroy what no longer serves, and rebuild the Story of Man.

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