Friday, June 08, 2012

New LSDs Bath Salts Zombies and YOU

Direct link.

We are going to take a break from our usual material here for this Public Service Announcement. Please pay attention to it, unless if you want your organs to basically burn up alive. Also see this Disinfo expose on a possible theory about the truth behind the bath salts / zombie "craze."

 From the creators of Gonzomentary.

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  1. Ha ha!! Bravo! Bravo! Had a flashback to grade school. Some catsup would have been a nice touch on the poor zombie drug addict. And what was with the Roseanne Barr anthem thing? That was definitely not cool for school...

    Also, I would have put the narrator behind a wooden desk with an apple on it. But I'm quibbling. Well done! Well produced! And very very funny.

    P.S. Were my eyes deceiving me, or was that James playing the Nazi Juice pusher? He's got the evil eyes thing down to a science. Does he do "blue steel" as well?

  2. No, that wasn't me. That was Greg. I had a cameo bit in the apartment, "baseball and soda?" Etc



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