Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Musings on the Full Moon: Venusian Binds

April 6th, 2012/ 17 degrees Libra

“Daughter of Eve from the far land of Spare Oom where eternal summer reigns around the bright city of War Drobe, how would it be if you came and had tea with me?”

C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

It is no longer luxurious to be found amidst the thralls of destiny and purpose, as they demand lifetimes of sacrifice to be understood. Venus rules the fulfillment of our upcoming lunar wishes, and she demands focus for the brightest flowers to bloom this Spring.

Charge and clarify your dreams with permeating action. Mars, the eternal aggressor, makes you watch as he organizes your room with muddled distemper. You want to help, but you can’t—he wants you to feel the humiliation as he resolves your scattered values.

Staying inspired, your inner-Aphrodite cleanses herself in a nearby spring. She de-clothes near a waterfall, allowing the bitter stunning waters to fall close around her curves, nearing sudden ecstasy.

“Take charge of your wildest dreams and experience the finality of your answers,” Mars reminds us. Asking for clarification—the answer comes within profound commitment.

Though the waters remain cold, she cannot draw herself from it’s invigorating touch, locking her self within the dreams of an inspired singularity.

Jupiter offers wisdom, asking for your transformation to be steady and well thought out. His blessings are extended to the slow-moving Plutonian transformer, praying that the inevitable release happen with perceived grace.

Though Mercury is finally allowed to speak, he chooses to remain adrift. Gather around him, lest he make the slightest utterance, for his words will no doubt be filled with a rare and mediated wisdom. As he remains within the cosmic womb, he will continue to uncover deeper secrets. See what treasures he brings back from the Void.

Unexpected ideas may arise to support your divining inspirations. The value of your answers comes from within, and though they speak loudly, the god’s greatest intention is that you know yourself.

The lady removes herself from the waters, still emanating vibrations of the messages contained within them. She lay on the grass, in the sun, and remaining droplets begin to evaporate upon her skin.

“There is only room for perfection,” Mars reminds us again. “We are crafting the bodies and minds of the future.”

You will be gifted a vision—supportive of the propelling transformation taking place within the collective energies. You will recognize the importance of clarity, passion, and truth, and commit yourself to take pleasure in such pristine blessings.

Allow the beauty to manifest before you, and trust that the beloved Moon desires to grant us our wishes, turn our dreams into more dreams, and enliven the goddess within us. She has an infinite wellspring to support us with—it is her gift this month.

The light of our inner Sun is reflected in the sky, shining back down to us, so that we might experience the trueness of the all.

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