Thursday, April 15, 2010

Immanence of Myth anthology: Update April 15 2010

I have finally reached a point where I can say that, although much tweaking and perhaps some re-tooling is left to be done, the first drafts of all of my Immanence of Myth essays are complete. A quick look at word counts has my material at about 1/3 - 1/4 the length of the total book. Since this was originally going to be a solo work, I don't think that is too surprising. The other 1/3 or so is contributed pieces, and the rest are in the form of interviews / conversations. 

With the exception of a couple submissions that I am still expecting, all the submissions are in. A few interviews are still in progress, or about to begin. But for the most part, the whole of the project is beginning to come into some kind of fuzzy focus. To my thinking, this is not only on track. This is ahead of schedule. My internal plan has been to have the project at such a point that I felt confident putting it on the shelf for a couple months by May. As I've said, if you have anything else to get to me by then, please do so. (I'll except... or accept... something very rare and wonderful after that point, but otherwise the doors will be closed, at least on this edition.) 

Over the coming months I am going to be turning my attention increasingly towards some creative - myth and music making - projects that will demand most if not all of my attention. This project will, I hope, gain something for sitting in the cask for a little while. At the least, I'll gain some perspective, and will return when the smoke clears on those projects, to enter the next phase of the project. 

It looks like my partner, Jazmin, will be assisting me with the proofreading and copyediting process. I am incredibly happy about this, by that point she will have her MLS, and she has a very meticulous approach to such things. I am a big picture thinker. Details drive me crazy. So if this thing is going to avoid being rife with typos, it's a good thing to have someone like her onboard.

I will not be setting a release date until the project is actually in layout, which I do not expect until late 2010. At that point, we should also be able to set a tentative release schedule. And I hope that all of you who have come along for the ride so far will not only pick up a copy -- but that you will continue to spread word about this project with those that may find some benefit from it. 

Right now this is the tentative lineup: (!There are some not included in this list because the final materials are not in yet. So if you don't see your name and you have a piece in progress, don't freak! Titles are also tentative.)

  • Editor's Intro - James Curcio
  • An Untrue But Regularly Held Belief - Stephan Griswold 
  • Is Myth Dead? - James Curcio
  • Can Your Elbow Play Beethoven's 5th Symphony In The Key Of Purple? - James Curcio
  • Dissecting A Living Thing - James Curcio
  • Immanence and Butchery - (pt 1 Mr. VI & James Curcio)
  • Immanence and Butchery - (pt 2 & 3 Mr. VI.) 
  • The 101st Monkey Is A Conspiracy Theorist - James Curcio
  • A History of Ideas - James Curcio
  • Myth Is A Mirror - James Curcio
  • Breathing Myth - Damien Williams
  • Beyond Representation - James Curcio
  • Pretty Little Suicide Machine - James Curcio
  • The Myth of a Counter-Culture - James Curcio
  • The Tragic Art of Abstraction - Yakov Rabinovich 
  • The Shining World - Yakov Rabinovich 
  • After God - The Temporal Absolute - Rowan Tepper
  • Kairopolitics of Revolution - Rowan Tepper
  • Guising Along The Web - (updated CC from - Brian Corra
  • Initiation: The Masks of Identity (pt 1 & 2) - James Curcio
  • A View Of The Gods - Michael Anthony Ricciardi
  • A Trail of Breadcrumbs - James Curcio
  • Mythic Narratives - Aeolus Kephas
  • Paper Tiger - Jason Horsley
  • I Am Ecstacy - Mica Gries
  • Medea Companion - Tons May
  • Artist's Statement - Brian George
  • Interview - David Mack (Updated & expanded version of interview.)
  • Interview - William Clark
  • Interview - Foolish People
  • Interview - Laurie Lipton
  • Interview - Amanda Palmer (CC from interview.)
  • Interview - Jared Louche (Tentative.) 
  • Interview - Rudy Rauben (CC from interview.) + The Well comic
  • Interview - Sean Jenx
  • Interview - Brooke Burgess 
  • Interview - David Aronson (CC from interview) + Shadows In Heaven selections
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, ideas... 

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  1. nice! good to hear things are moving along on this with such momentum. you have an awesome lineup of essays and interviews, it seems. good to see david aronson on here, i didn't realize he was submitting for this project. big ups, james!



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