Friday, November 13, 2009

Exhuming the Corpse - Immanence and Myth

Just a fragment of a piece I'm working on right now of Mr. VI's (for the Immanence of Myth anthology),

"Where can we begin a genuine discussion of immanence in myth? Do we engage the tools of analysis on the dissection table of academia? Or perhaps it is best not dealt with in sterile light, being rather an arcane synthesis, a syncretism.

If myth is something long dead, a corpse exhumed with philosophical disinterest, then please consider this work an attempt at necromancy. But if myth is considered something dangerous; full of falsities, dead ends and mazes luring the unwary into a fugue of superstition, then consider it a whispered pass-phrase into another world: the world beyond the wallpaper. A world that recognizes the real is in the effect rendered, rather than in the thing symbolized. Conflicting fictions drive Holy wars. How is a history born of spilled blood unreal? How is it meaningless, even if all the Gods are just shadows cast on the wall by finger puppets? Myth is not dead, nor is it false; it is living, and misunderstood."

I'm liking where this project is headed already. Still a month left for open submissions. (Specific exceptions will be made.)

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