Monday, June 08, 2009

Myth: Death, and Forgetting

I've taken to jotting down quick ideas and thoughts here, rather than the full-formed thoughts or articles that used to make up my blog posts in the long distant past, (e.g. 2007). This still allows me to breathe a bit more than the 140 character fragments I've been dropping on twitter with alarming frequency.

Here's a thought from the other night, which spun off of a conversation on twitter and thinking about Kundera's Book of Laughter & Forgetting:
Death is forgetting. A central motive in myth-making is the creation of meaning that counters both the meaninglessness of boundless existence (literally existing without meaning, not as a reaction to meaning or anti-meaning- it is a realm in which meaning would be unthinkable, where all thought is unthinkable), and also the forgetfulness which is a symptom of the passage of time, of entropy- death which reduces the very edifice of meaning and recollection to ash. Myth is an agent of an-entropy, all myth-making is heroic and promethean, though also in the long view ultimately futile.

This will obviously make its way into the Immanence of Myth.

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