Monday, April 20, 2009

Fallen Nation eBook downloads

Out of curiosity I recently looked into the download figures on the Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning eBook. The tally is a bit over 55,000, with some possibility that it could be more as the metrics on one of those hosts started several months after I posted it. (There are versions on a couple different hosts.)

Though it's hard to know how many people downloaded the book and never read it, that still seems like a considerable number to me. I actually made the decision to release the novel as a free eBook, along with the print version on Amazon, after getting stonewalled by the press time and again.

Well, the press is still stonewalling me on this title because I released it print on demand- though I'd love if that changes as this number keeps going up. (Any takers?) In the meantime, I'm happy it's getting out there. And I will keep moving forward...

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