Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Terra Extremitas: Light to Darkness Darkness To Light

As promised, following the release of the 2nd "Fear & Loathing On The Internet" installment, here is the full res (.wav) version of the installment of the audio installation I prepared for Foolish People's Terra Extremitas' event in Amsterdam. 

This is an acoustic journey into the Bardo, linking the narratives of my 2nd, mythically inspired novel, Fallen Nation Babylon Burning, and the upcoming film, Y

" First played with accompanying theatrics at the Foolish People's Terra Extremitasevent in Amsterdam, August 08. Includes original music by Scott Landes (Collide, Mankind is Obsolete), Jon Siren (Mankind is Obsolete, Hate Dept), James Curcio (Babalon, subQtaneous), andPeter Emerson Williams (Choronzon, Veil of Thorns)."

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