Thursday, October 30, 2008

My 404

This past year has held a lot of changes and challenges for me. I broke up with my girlfriend of five years, (see? I told you I'd finally mention it publicly- no details though guys, LJdrama is so 1998), I'm working a full-time day job, I've put my non-or-little-paying creative projects on hiatus until I figure out what benefit I was actually providing to myself or others with them, I broke my almost year-long healthy streak with nearly two months of constant sinus infections, I'm gearing up for a move though I'm not 100% sure where to yet. And I'm falling in love.

Also, that was a really long sentence. Sorry about that, guys.

So, if you were actually wondering why the Fallen Nation audiobook is on hold, or why I haven't been running so many G-Spots lately, or so on, this is pretty much it. It's not that I've taken myself totally out of the game- I yam who I yam- but I realize I need to pull in a bit for a while, and not overcommit as I have so much in the past. Build a base, and then make decisions about where and how I want to spend my time and energy.

I am, however, completely open to suggestions from the peanut gallery on this matter, though I (as always) reserve the right to completely ignore everyone. It does help to know the things that I've done that have had an effect. So far Join My Cult! still seems to be in the lead on that account, if the number of "you changed my life!" emails from strangers is the metric. This is something I might have to work through in therapy someday. Or perhaps you all need therapy.

Until next time...

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