Saturday, June 07, 2008

Last night's dreams

So, last night my dreams were fairly uncreative, but fun. Predictably enough: dream begins without plot or subtext, in a room, with a bunch of attractive women, all in the throes of passion. (That is, all of us. I know it was unclear from that sentence. And I also know that "throes of passion" is a cliche, but to an extent it was a fairly cliched situation, however fun it may have been. Bear with me, here.)

At some point, I look up and say, "who are you people?"

To which one of the girls pleasantly replies, "we're prostitutes."

That would suddenly make this a first for me, but my dream self was nonplussed, and said something like, "Oh. Well in that case, who hired you?"

To which she replied, "your subconscious."

Apparently I accepted that response, because the rest of the dream was predictably (figuratively) hot, until I woke up covered in sweat due to the literal heat that has afflicted me for the rest of the day.

I only just recently recalled that detail of the dream, and it made me laugh for quite a few minutes. Way to go, subconscious. The only thing that's got me thinking is what it paid them...

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