Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Assistant Editor

I'll go looking outside "the bubble" shortly, but I wanted to let you guys know first: in June we're going to be looking for an assistant editor for (this comes along with an upcoming, substantial re-design and step up across the site.) This person should be under the age of 25- college students are ideal. At first it will be an internship, with the potential to become a salaried position. You will be keeping tabs on emerging trends in media & culture both online and off, and assisting us with other editorial tasks. Knowledge of HTML, design, video editing etc. is helpful but not requisite. Being very familiar with the internet, social media, web 2.0 etc. is necessary, as is being literate and most important of all: reliable. Don't bother contacting us if you're going to be excited for a month and then drop off the planet. (Past experience with this sort of thing is part of why this position only becomes paid when the individual demonstrates results.)

You can be from anywhere so long as you have consistent high speed internet & phone, though it's an extra bonus if you're in the philadelphia PA or troy NY areas, as you'll then be able to occasionally meet in person with the editors.

Contact me at jamescurcio AT gmail DOT com and we can talk a bit about it.

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