Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Recent Amazon Review

I spotted this review on Amazon for
Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning, which made me smile:

By Jack Schmidt (Hinterland, USA) -
Illuminatus, Robert Anton Wilson, Philip K. Dick and Neil Gaiman certainly all come to mind when reading Fallen Nation; Haruki Murakami and Alan Moore too. I love all these authors, but thankfully Curcio is doing something all his own here. He's not aping anyone else.

In Fallen Nation Curcio has dragged something unsettlingly out of the shadows of modern culture so we can examine its contours more closely. In the process we may note the hidden effects of oh-so-fashionable complacency, homogeneity, cynicism, escapism and post-modern irony just as his rebel-rousing characters must; and just maybe find a portion of the courage, tenacity, wit and humor they unfold in order to find both themselves and a better, more humane way of living.

If you liked any of the fore-mentioned authors then this book is for you. If you enjoyed his previous book, Join My Cult!, then you're going to absolutely love this one. It's a faster, more fun-loving and dangerous ride.

Curcio's prose begs the reader to live and love like there's no tomorrow... 'cause you know what? Your end, and the end of the American Empire may be coming sooner then you think.

The past two weeks have been positively hellish, hopefully that'll turn around soon. It's nice to get a little complement in such times.

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