Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sign up to the Fallen Nation feed.

As many of you know I've been producing an audiobook of my novel Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning. I'm producing it with a pretty long list of voice and music talent, a list that will hopefully continue to grow as the project moves forward. (If you'd like to participate, contact me through my email.)

We're shooting for somewhere between audiobook and audio theater, and are incorporating a great deal of original music. By the end this thing is going to probably be about 8 hours long, which means 8 hours of original music. It's quite possible that we're all insane to undertake something like this, but I'm just sick to death of audiobooks and podcasts that are all talk.

You can catch these a la carte on, but I recently put together a feed through feedburner so you can subscribe and have them delivered to your iPod. (You can also listen to all the past episodes right there, as well.)

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