Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dr Zoltan

Interview with Dr Zoltan

The anonymity of the Internet can allow people to "hide" behind false personas: most of us know about sock puppets, astroturfing, FBI agents posing as 12 year old girls. But, aside from Alternate Reality Gaming enthusiasts, many don't consider the artistic possibilities presented by this forum. You can take a stance, even extreme ones you wouldn't want to hold every day. You can create a face to make a point. Some people call it performance art, others will likely call it pretentious bullshit, and many others, baffled and confused as they are by most everything they encounter, will simply make a bunch of poorly conceived YouTube comments.

This is precisely what Dr. Zoltan Obelisk does. (That and play some truly sick "progressive" music.) Some may consider his stance extreme, egotistical, even infantile. Who knows, maybe they're right. There are times when the character of Zoltan strikes me as a pissed off, intellectual seventeen-year-old stuck in a thirty year old body. But along the way, he makes some really valid points about our society- especially the plastic and silicon world of Los Angeles. Hell, much as we'd like to deny it, the excessive posturing of intellectual seventeen year olds may be valid- maybe we do just grow complacent as we grow older.

This much I know for certain: the guy can count to thirteen.

(Read Alterati.com article.)

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