Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vignettes of Philly

Some of the scenic things I've seen so far in Philadelphia:

1. In center city, a dog with what looked like a bullet wound vomiting and shitting blood.

2. A crazy lady with a single tooth praying to a shopping cart. ("Dude, I've tried that. It doesn't work. You have to go in to the store.")

3. Adolescents on crotch rockets with sub-machine guns. (And I admit, that was at 50th and Lancaster, so I was pretty much begging to get buzzed by them simply for showing my gawky ass up in that.)

4. Some distractingly hot barristas.

See, I'd say that's not quite a good showing... but the incredible matcha green tea latte tipped the scales. And though I was buzzed, I was not shot- so the verdict: PHILLY IS A-OK. Just don't forget your kevlar fubu hoodie.

The Internet would not be nearly as fun if the real world actually made a bit of sense.


  1. What no pictures?

  2. i never seem to have my camera when i need it.



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