Monday, April 02, 2007

Alterati version .9 (for real, now)

We Are Already Here
A lot of people are going to quickly assume we are a “counterculture site,” so let me make this absolutely clear: we aren’t.

As a matter of fact, there is no counterculture. Yet there are ideals which once were a part of various vibrant, (if short-lived), countercultures, and these rest close to my heart: self-expression, freedom, irreverent humor, an element of egalitarianism mixed liberally with pirate capitalism, a sense of pragmatic community, and even compassion. Somewhere along the way it became about toothless political movements, cool-points, and self-defeatism, sprinkled liberally with pointless elitism and a side of Who Gives A Fuck? Somewhere along the way it got co-opted. So it goes, brands are a dime a dozen. Life keeps on moving.

The old countercultures, if they even existed, are dead. The time is nigh to make way for the new, and leave the labels at the door.

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What’s Going On Here?

You may have noticed that many of the menu items on our site are greyed out.

Well, at the moment, we’re just moving in. The site should be in full operation by May, 2007. Between then and now, we still have a lot of great content for you. The rest of the site will be coming online throughout this time.

So we hope you make yourself at home, and check back often.

Alterati – The Other Culture

This is a statement, not an appeal.

Most great art movements, like surrealism, dada, or situationism all started with a manifesto, a statement of position.

Here is our position: We are already here.

The proscenium has been breached, disbanded and dismantled.
Information networks span the globe, and cultures, ideas, and realities are converging and being redefined minute-by-minute.

This revolution will not be broadcast, although it may be televised, on demand, portable and configurable— but it will be your choice. Possibly, it will be your creation.

Remember the Future of “no future”?

Well, this is it.
That’s not a statement of doom.
It’s an expression of freedom.
Kill your clocks, burn your calendars, and hang out.

Alterati has built the platform. All you need do is show up.

ALSO: We need a tagline. Click on {insert witty tagline here} and enter the contest. If we choose your tag-line, you win a iPod!

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