Thursday, March 08, 2007

ReGen Magazine: subQtaneous Interview

ReGen ran the interview I did with Wes for subQtaneous as an Artist Spotlight... which is good. They edited and tightened it up, too.

However, presently there are a couple errors in the interview, which hopefully will get fixed but may not:

#1: I was not the drummer for Babalon, I was the bassist and producer. (ADDENDUM: This was fixed.)

#2: The photo credits are not all Jeff Cohn, only the first one (of me, with the banjo.) The following image of Ari I believe was taken by Ashley Pearl, the one of Scott Landes was taken by Arturo Everitt, the one of Gaetan was taken by Jonathan Sorber Photography. I'm not sure about the P. Emerson Williams photo credit.

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