Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wake Up Neo: There Is No Counterculture, you twit.

"...The Matrix. For those who live under a rock or masturbate to QVC all day long, I will paraphrase the first movie. In the scenes where Keanu Reeve isn't desperately attempting to recall his lines, it is a smart, slick take on the alienation most suburban American youth feel. Taken out of the cubicle and into the underworld with the protagonist, we witness him “keeping it real” by eating mush, donning fetish fashion, and fighting an army of identical men in business suits in slow motion.

Wake up, Neo. Zak De La Rocha wasn't “fighting the man” when he made his ending credit soundtrack royalties. It's what he did with that potential energy that counts. (Hookers? A small island for “his people” and “their culture,” where everyone sings in falsetto about oppression?) As Yogi Bhajan put it, “money is as money does.” Hard nosed books on business such as Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices say exactly the same thing, in a less epigrammatic, Yoda-like way: profit is not a motive, it is a means. Without profit, nothing happens. Game over..."

Article in Jive Magazine.

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