Sunday, October 23, 2005

Project Updates from the Pit

Subtaneous-- I know I've been working on the album for some time, I want it to really be ready and worth releasing. I've been working with other musicians from across the country, and as some of you may know, when you're not standing over someone's head dangling a 20 bag and telling them to man their post, it can take a while.

Recently I worked with Sean from elektroworx on tightening up one of our tracks... here's a taste.

You can be sure release information will be provided here. I'm also presently working on getting the Fas Ferox world walkthrough fit to print, and Chasing The Wish episode 1 as well...

I am also going to be pulling media soon. Grab your Babalon while you can, it's going to be going away...

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