Thursday, September 29, 2005

TOPY broadcast #10

This very special edition is in a large sized (8.5 x 11) paperback book format, just under 100 pages, black and white inside and full color glossy front and back covers, with expert internal layout and design provided by Justice Design.


* Why Harry Potter Eventually Loses to the Black Magician (A Battle Between Aleister Crowley and J. K. Rowling) by Devin Galaudet
* James Curcio's 'Join My Cult' Interview
* Spears of Shiva: The Art of Emmanuelle Brochier
* Why Do Sigils Work? by C340 & AOS
* Banishing and Forgetting with Chaos-Mantra Sigils by Zoser
* "Earth: Inferno"- Luther Blissett interviews filmaker Julian Moguillansky
* Who And What Are Those Egyptian References In Liber Resh? by Soror Lutea
* Maria DeNaglowska, the Sophia of Montparnasse by Tzeenj
* The Baphomet Series of the Order of Lucifer Lust
* Final Secrets of the Orange Path by Darrick Dishaw
* Hillbilly Tantra by James Curcio (note: this is a slightly different version of what will be published next year through Immanion Press.)
* Psychological Art by Zoser
* The Ambidextrous Art of Nemo
* Power Transposition Spell
* Babel by Peter Grey
* and more...

Check it out.

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