Monday, February 25, 2013

Unidentifiable Intrusions

A flimsy elitist bulwark of pitiless slander, obnoxious bullshit, scandal, pr0n, and lies!
( the diagnostic broadcraft of non-co-opted memes and inexcusably hyperbolic extremes )

Few are those who find our work vaguely accessible enough to appreciate although many can feign comprehension or at the very least engage in reciprocal bandwidth-fodder spewage on the side, but fewer still are those who see with soft eyes at subtle calculations in language resting beneath the kindling of inflammatory logic.

Amongst this ambulatory altar of electronic ambience lie additional accretion into the annals of alliteration, aphorisms, anecdotes, ackronymns, absurdism, adages, asides, articles, aggrotextuality, armchair anarchy, and any and all else abandoned alike.

It is difficult to locate clearly defined pillars of positivity amidst the sewerscapes and incestuous rapes of this morbidly Dickensian poverty we poise ourselves to writhe through on a daily basis, but an essential edifice for hollow beauty exists on the street where it too is poised to smother every molecule of oxygen out of itself.

Several years of steady immersion in Shub Internet's mutual hallucination is enough to drive the average cadaver to the point of complete synaptic failure, but hiding behind an Internet machine allows even illiterate thuglets in bathrobes and pms bitches in pjs to disguise their insecurities with feigned confidence and anonymous posturing.

Readers will have to suspend any fleeting expectations they may possess regarding the author's apparent lack of concern for hir audience's ability to penetrate the phraseological nuances littered about this domain. The shallow magnanimity of obscure, obtuse, and seemingly un-involved irregularity that goes into my work knows no limit nor will it falter under the strain of sporadic clarity which quickly eclipses into total darkness.

Individual interpretations of objective liminal sources depend upon a cooperative link connecting mutual response mechanisms in the brain to cycle through an almost instantaneous series of states that the viewer will experience in order to decipher the babbling mysteries: beginning with confusion, which ideally leads to fascination, which allows for implantation suggestibility, surrender, participation, and unfortunately in some cases breakdown, obsession, hysteria, psychosis.

Some subjects have reported seeing or hearing distinct lingual patterns in the form of esoteric etymological pandemonium repeating in their thoughts in both waking consciousness and in the dream state during the experimentation period.

Yours cruelly,

Ine Girthydong III

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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