Monday, February 18, 2013

Systems component redundancy check

What lengths an artist will go to to qualify their works as evidence of grandeur
(this project of pompous pre-tense will pay for its own perspiration when performance persists.)

Systems component redundancy check: telesmatic wet-drivers are operational and air-flash ports are actively scanning anonymous user guest connections for bio-feedback pools from which to siphon unclaimed energies.

Sub-hologlyphic frequency scrambler is acquiring its first data payload, the psionic accumulator is on stand-by awaiting ensnarement instructions, and the traverse wave hot-link is primed and prepared to initiate its servitor mass birthing sequence.

Dream intruding mal-ware worms are present, as of yet undetected, and in the process of converting an electro-chemical engineering masterpiece of self-regenerative maintenance into a violently swirling mosh pit of illogical, paranoid incompetence growing ever-increasingly consumed with self-destructive impulses.

In this installment users will encounter an unadulterated corruption of the entire spectrum in every direction possible from top to bottom and back again. This includes reaching on down the upside of your rectum without a rubber glove or a drop of lubricant to speak of and for this lack of funding for supplies we apologize in advance.

And since it's just a simple remote outpatient procedure users shouldn't worry about experiencing any excessive itching, soreness, or anal bleeding afterwards because your digital signature identified by your visiting IP address acts to verify compliance with a legal release form that clears our clinic of all liability for post-procedural conditions no matter how outlandishly mysterious or horrifically dis-figuring results may be. The exposure of gratuitous imitation will be met with prompt civil action.

      All things considered I'd say it's pot roast for dinner,

          Not guilty on all counts, your Honor

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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