Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fair Ground for Folly and Bloody Beef

Guten tag Layzees and Gentlememes,


We at the Z(enseider)Z would like to formally welcome you to our arbitrarily chosen holiday extravaganza where we will be launching a newly created link page where we display people's websites and shit like on some promo type dealie-o, you know. It comes from the ashes of our old avviliates page where we used to keep up with the knewz manually. Nowadays it's a whole different story. Tagging, and Meta categories, and privacy. Forget about it.

Anyway, we're looking for any new submissions from bloggers here or readers. If you'd like us to pimp your site just throw us the URL and it's done. Inspiration, destination, and disambiguation

A basic announcement and flubbery commentary on the Z(enseider)Z releases can be found on our rarely used serverside kNewzlog. Just click the tag for albums. As very little of what I do is ever organized in the least it'd be superficial for me to say any of them were an 'official' public release. It's out there. You can find it. Life goes on.

Actually, the best place to find Z(enseider)Z material upto date is our Bandcamp page. Unless you like to hear bits and pieces of freshly pressed sound bites then I'd try our Soundcloud page as an alternative. And of course there's always our ReverbNation page which now carries our latest Merchandise which everyone seems to be very pleased with.

Pretentious as it may sound I only wanna put together 26 albums as the Z(enseider)Z before closing the project. The stuff released as Z(enseider)Z has license to suck. Which leaves room to experiment and leverage to utilize as confidence.

I may eventually diagram the albums along the Gematria of Nothing and ultimately the Tree of kNOwthing giving it multiple angles from which to work, but especially when it comes to Q-ballistic endeavors.

We all love to get together and do drugs and fuck and drink and smoke and snort and suck and lick and kiss and shoot and grind and flesh against flesh. In this day and age it seems that we the masses have confused the base material inconveniences of familial obligations for the opportunities inherent in reckless communal catharsis.

Nevertheless, it is still with great fondness and jovial enthusiasm that we endear the ceremonial customs and endure the rites of passage contrived by our pre-historic geneticessors. The pre-civilized inhabitants of our primordial wildernesses, wastelands, waterworlds, and walkabouts.

Our modern calendrical metrics have slithered into our cultural compulsions. Trophy recognition of token catastrophes and arbitrary glorifications of unpredictable emergencies.

Ancient sky-gazers may have been able to calculate seasonal aberrations and scrutinize celestial fluctuations with such accuracy as to develop reliable systems for forecasting weather patterns without the aid of a barometer, radar tracking, or satellite imaging. Therefore we honor their supraterrestrial awareness by parting the veil with a sonic shank and penetrating the void with a digital phallus.

Are you a walking flash mob? No you're just an averge Joe, Bob
You ain't no Genesis PO and now thatchu mention it you ain't no
paradigmal pirate neither yo, you just a white bread version of how
we've become obsessed with black music, yo
from jazz to rock to rap ya can't even confuse it
we co-op the bass drum drop the snare let the break beat crack-a shot
don't ever let the heart stop
electrified w/o that shit, my life feels incomplete rhythm is the king
and even if it go bling bling that shit'll never go hip pop


      Auf Wiedersehen,

          Dr. Ayin R. Inch

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]

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