Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridges between borders bomb blasted

*there's no mention of this elsewhere due to the laborious nature of plot devices and character development

My name is unimportant, but suffice to say I'm a homicide detective from Newark, NJ and I'm recording this as evidence in my ongoing investigation. If I'm going to go through with this, speak freely to the world, before anything else is revealed I want to further insure my partner's arcadian career remains unblemished by my rogue actions over the last 37 hours.

She lay in a hosptial bed at Beth Isreal with buckshot covering half her face and a .45 caliber slug buried deep in the meat of her chest. This isn't her fight anymore. She has her own battles to overcome. Her voice has no sway in our partnership for the time being. So all of this is my doing.

Revenge isn't the primary motivation right now. No, I'm determined to follow this case to it's ultimate dissolve no matter who or what stands in my way. Until I'm satisfied. Satisfied that whoever did this to her, and all the other badges who held their oaths fulfilled that morning, has been paid in full.

At present, we have two lucky contestants sitting in separate interrogation boxes -- unshackled, pacing about the room in an antsy fit of mild psychosis. We're gauging our diagnoses of these ex-special forces grunts turned basket cases on the spectacular stories they've spun for us since we first printed and processed them.

Their tales are either well-rehearsed performances played for us at perfect pitch, or they just so happen to have had identical hallucinatory experiences barring their immaculate toxicology report, that or this shit they keep feeding us is the bonafide truth in all its spine-chilling accuracy and nauseating attention to detail. Whatever scenario led to these circumstances has left this pair injured but alive and the first question on all our mind is whether it's an alienated accident or a calculated coup by a culpable coterie.

The incident they were involved in proves much too complicated for further extrapolation without attaining proper clearance. Or, if you prefer less anal terms, no de-classified report will see the light of day until such time as a wash-and-spun version, censored for public consumption, can be fabricated for general perusal. Meant to inform us of nothing we couldn't already infer from casual rumination; aside from reminding us how useless mass media journalism is. The identities of all parties involved will remain strictly confidential. For the safety of all parties involved.

Those few detectives in our department who could give a fuck less about submitting to system-wide security standards? We're hoping to close the fucking book on these clowns before some higher ranking bureaus, councils, or agencies inevitably black bag the both of these sons of bitches.

The definitive validity of their corroborating confessions would've help bring our research into the realm of the Shade Weavers under the multi-jurisdictional umbrella of a joint task-force where we might actually have a chance of building a prosecutable case against this myth of a mob of malign magickians. We don't just want the credit, we want to chase worthwhile targets instead of manipulating criminal syndicate middle management morons into mouthing off about the real money makers. We, scratch that, *I* want results.

It's fair to assume that one too many missions makes milky monkey dung out of an already morbid man's messy mind. And it looks as though the minds of these two turds have been run through the meat grinder in typical fashion for trench-weary servicemen.

Now, I'm no head-shrinker by a long shot, but this cuckoo couple of schizophrenic suspects appear delusional and clearly unfit for de-briefing and civilian reintegration. They may both be headed for early retirement. These two shit-birds also seemed eager to announce their allegiance to and alleged status as adepts in a branch of the Weavers, claiming they're genuine artifacts of an elite mercenary murder-for-hire consortium secretly under contract with several members of the executive branch of government.

Members who're supposedly engaged in an escalating effort to coerce reps of both congress and the senate into conjuring classic conjugal-chamber cold combat with freeze-wired hyperreal appendages reaching across every element of the info-hypnotic telecommunications technologies all unwittingly representing the whims of an autonomous, clandestine organization dedicated to the operational advancement of strategic psychological para-military campaigns to include the integration of other paranormal or metaphysical techniques such as radionics and psionics into their proven procedural excellence.

Basically, a controlled extraction of psychic powers which can be re-produced under laboratory conditions no matter how much collateral loss is attained in the process.

          The underlying goals here aim at:

      1.) expanding the scope of practical uses for telesmatic machinations (i.e. kinesthetic) and

      2.) increasing the methodological reliability of psi-warfare tactics from a very select group of neuro-linguistically hypno-programmed candidates.

Many of these candidates represent 2nd generation test-tube offspring born and raised in one of several hundred sterile facilities scattered throughout officially non-extant inter-continental united states testing sites ranging from mountain-carved air-force installations to remote underground strongholds.

To be continued...

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